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skyenopierrot07's Journal

5 May
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I will be using this journal for my fanfiction (I will eventually link FF.net as well if you guys like my stuff)as well as youtube...which I don't download on but you can browse my favorites.
***note*** I have not written in three years...I had to take a forced Haitus (in a bad relationship at the time)and it is much regretted on my part because my English grammar and such has fallen again...you don't use it you lose it. English is my native language. But according to the SAE association (well some one did a study a while back) the state I am from has the worst English in the country when it comes to Grammar and such...so please forgive me I'm trying to correct it once again.***note***
Things I fangirl over that you will see possibly and possibly not:
Haruka and Michiru
Ono Hikari

Other then those there may be a crap load of random posts...either about me or something I'm listening to currently or a cause I feel deeply about. Or dogs. (I love dogs a lot and am currently working on becoming a stronger trainer and I am also working on becoming a groomer!)(I will also be making a separate LJ for that for will be dog stuff only.)
Also just to warn you...I cuss...a lot...I could rank with the sailors from back in the day. I am also trying to quit that...it's slowly fading the more I write the more faded it becomes from my RL vocabulary and writing.
Feel free to message me ask questions (yes I take dog ones too! I will try my best to help!)Don't forget to Review! I love reviews!